ESPA Certification

Certified EST_Logo_RGB_no taglineESPA Certification is a widely recognized industry credential that signifies that an Electronic Systems Technician (EST) has been properly trained to be effective on the job from day one. The certification also shows that you are serious about a career in the electronics industry, and ready to continue to learn and advance.

ESPA Certified-EST is a high-stakes professional industry certification, built according to the highest standards and administered only in a timed, proctored, environment. Employers value the certification and know that those who receive it have the proper entry-level knowledge they require in future employees.

What Do I Need to Know to Become ESPA Certified?

ESPA has created a curriculum that covers 5 key domains of knowledge that an EST must have in order to be prepared to enter the workforce:

• Electrical Basics
• Tools
• Construction Methods and Materials
• Wiring and Installation Practices
• Standards, Codes and Safety Practices

These are the domains of knowledge needed to pass the ESPA certification exam and achieve the ESPA Certified-EST® credential. For specific details on what the exam covers, download the ESPA Certified-EST® Exam Blueprint.

How Do I Prepare for ESPA Certification?

There are several ways to prepare for the ESPA Certification exam:

  • Online Training – Self-paced, online courses are available ranging from the Full Curriculum to individual module training. The best choice for those who want to learn on their own. Learn more.
  • Printed Review Guide – The ESPA Review Guide is a single volume that covers the knowledge base needed for certification. Can also be used as a supplement to Online Training. Learn more.
  • At a School – Many high schools, technology schools & community colleges offer the ESPA Curriculum & Certification. Contact us to find a school near you.

Unsure where to start? Simply contact us and we’ll help you find the right path.

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