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ESPA Certification is the first step to position you for a career as an EST. Plus, it’s the industry standard that tells employers you have the fundamental knowledge & skills to be effective on the job from day one.

What topics does the ESPA Certified EST® Exam cover?

The ESPA exam tests your knowledge in the fundamental areas most important for an entry-level technician:

  • Electrical Basics
  • Tools
  • Construction Methods & Materials
  • Wiring & Installation Practices
  • Standards, Codes and Safety Practices

HINT: For specific details on what the exam covers, download the ESPA Certified-EST® Exam Blueprint.

How much does the ESPA Certified EST® Exam cost?

The proctored exam is $200.

HINT: You can take the  Pre-Test Assessment to get an idea of what types of questions are on the exam.

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