Let’s Get IT Students Excited About Careers in Electronic Systems

What do we want? Qualified people!
When do we need them? Now!

That chant has been heard non-stop for a few years now, and ESPA is out there doing what we can to help. More certifications than ever, more schools than ever.
Four new training partners in the first quarter of 2017. And a few of our newer partners really stand out, because they are either including a solid foundation in networking in their training ,or adding  electronic systems integration content to their existing IT program. The perfect combination of skills. The perfect new hire!

We are now building in this idea by rolling out a concerted effort to get this message to IT students, at both the high school and post-secondary level:
“Put your IT skills to work in the electronic systems industry, where you will be involved exciting projects and new technologies every single day”.

We just provided an article for CompTIA’s Creating IT Futures website, explaining why these folks with their A+, Net+, and Security+ certifications should seriously look at our industry as a promising career path. You can read this piece here.
We are also creating a flyer which is aimed at IT students, distilling that same message to grab their attention and encourage them to get more information.

Here’s what you can do.  When you look around your community for a school that might be a good fit for ESPA EST training and certification, look at not only electronics programs, but at IT programs. There are plenty of jobs waiting for these computer savvy students, but some people simply don’t want to spend their career sitting at a computer analyzing data or fixing problems remotely. Some people want to actually design and build things they can see and hear. That’s where our industry comes in. And with their IT skills they will have a leg up and a much faster track to advancement.

Bottom line: Start looking for your next hire among people with schooling and certifications in IT.  And even better, help us get some electronic systems programs into those schools!


Here you can find valuable information about IT and its ties to the Electronic Systems Industry.

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