Lincoln Tech Location Posts a 100% Pass Rate!

Like most high-stakes professional certification exams, the ESPA exam usually sees a pass rate between 70 and 80 percent. Every once in a while a cohort at one of our partner schools stands out by having a pass rate in the 90s. But in October, our Lincoln Tech training partner in Mahwah, NJ did something extraordinary……they administered 46 exams and every single person passed! A 100% pass rate! Congratulations to the faculty and leadership of the Mahwah EST program, and if you are an employer looking for very well qualified technicians, you should contact their career services office right away at (201) 529-1414. Keep in mind, Lincoln Tech locations have people completing their program nearly every month of the year, so don’t wait until the end of a traditional semester to engage with the school. They like to have employers talk to the class about the work they do, and this is a great chance to identify the best candidates to hire when they graduate!

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