ESPA Curriculum & Certification Exam

Certified EST_Logo_RGBKeep in mind that students can take the ESPA Certification Exam on their own at any testing center in your area. Your school does not have to become a testing center, but can offer this service if desired.

ESPA Certification is a widely recognized industry “stamp of approval” that signifies that an Electronic Systems Technician (EST) is ready to be effective on the job from day one. The certification also shows that a student is serious about a career in the electronics industry and ready to continue to learn and advance.

The credential is a high-stakes professional industry certification, built according to the highest standards and administered only in a timed, proctored, environment. Employers value the certification and know that those who receive it have the proper training they require in future employees.

The ESPA EST Curriculum

ESPA has created a curriculum that covers 5 key domains of knowledge that an EST must have in order to be prepared to enter the workforce:

  • Electronic Basics
  • Tools
  • Construction Methods and Materials
  • Wiring and Installation Practices
  • Standards, Codes and Safety Practices

Students of the program must pass the ESPA certification exam in order to achieve the ESPA Certified-EST® credential. For specific details on what the exam covers, download the ESPA Certified-EST® Exam Blueprint.

How Can Students Prepare for ESPA Certification Exam?

There are several ways students can prepare for the ESPA Certification exam:

  • Online Training – Self-paced, online courses are available ranging from the Full Curriculum to individual module training. The best choice for those who want to learn on their own. Learn more.
  • Printed Review Guide – The ESPA Review Guide is a single volume that covers the knowledge base needed for certification. Can also be used as a supplement to Online Training. Learn more.
  • At a School – Many high schools, technology schools & community colleges offer the ESPA Curriculum & Certification.

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