Helping Students Get Hired

Demand is high for ESTs, especially those with some networking skills and the desire to continue learning.

Employers are hiring in all parts of the country. As an ESPA Authorized Training Partner, you gain access to motivated employers whose trade associations are affiliated with ESPA. Many schools have had great success by engaging these local companies to come and speak to their classes, and even take part in internship programs.

Many students in this type of program have a job waiting for them when they complete their schooling. ESPA is a not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to build the next generation of qualified individuals, and we will do everything we can to help schools and employers work together toward this goal.

When you become a training partner, we can help you match your students to potential employers in your area. We also offer interview tips and information on how to include the ESPA certification on a resume here.

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