High Schools

If your high school does not offer Career and Technical Education (CTE), you can still help students learn about an exciting career in electronic systems. Students who are not planning to pursue a traditional four year degree can still gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter a growing industry with a great deal of upward mobility.

If you have students who have tech savvy and enjoy working with their hands, we would encourage them to consider the EST career path. This training combined with the ESPA Certified EST credential can prepare them for an entry-level technician position. While this is an initial step into the industry, there are limitless options for growth and advancement while still leveraging this foundation of knowledge.

How Can Students Study the EST Curriculum?

  • Many post- secondary schools now offer EST training, often alongside IT curriculum.
  • ESPA offers inexpensive online courses that will prepare students for an ESPA Certification.

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