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Whether you are enrolled in a formal electronic systems program, or studying on your own, a wide variety of resources are available to help you prepare for a great career. Some, such as online magazines and webinars, are free of charge. We encourage everyone to take advantage of as many resources as possible. And when you are ready to enter the workforce, the Job Boards, along with the finder’s services for the various trade associations, are a great place to start.



Training Guide and Exam Prep – Supports the ESPA certification exam, aimed at ESTs, covers both residential and commercial and US codes and standards Click on Purchase the ESPA Training Guide


Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems – Supports the CEDIA ESC credential, provides a general introduction to residential systems, is not just for technicians
(You need to create a profile on the website to access and purchase the books)

Advanced Residential Electronic Systems – builds on the content of the Fundamentals book, covers all aspects of the industry at a more advanced level, a good prep for CEDIA’s higher certs (ESC-T, ESC-D, ESC-N)


CTS Exam Guide – covers much of the material needed for Avixa’s CTS certification (not entry-level), focuses on commercial systems

Brown Technical

Brown’s guide for home automation, including everything from HVAC to lighting to security systems.


CE Pro                              

Residential Systems          

Commercial Integrator        

Technology Integrator         

System Contractor News    

Online Learning

Bedrock Learning – An ESPA Training Partner

Bedrock Learning is an established online learning resource who has provided training for individuals as well as manufacturers since 2004. They offer a variety of entry-level courses, including “Fundamentals for ESTs”, which does a great job of preparing individuals for the ESPA Certified-EST exam. We recommend this online learning option for those who want to earn the ESPA certification but don’t have access to training at a career center or tech school.  Use the discount code GO-ESPA to receive a 10% discount!

CEDIA – An ESPA Founder

Offers over 30 high quality Ecourses from basic to advanced, covering most of the subsystems and technologies of residential systems as well as business topics

Hosts dozens of archived webinars from the previous 2 years, mostly on emerging and important technologies (Free)

Evaluation of Exam Readiness



Online self-paced pre-test assessment (practice test).

ESPA Pre-Test Assessment Link


Online self-paced pre-test assessment (practice test) for each of their certifications (Free)

Select the certification page and go to the pre-test assessment


In addition to the links above, these websites are all interesting and informative.                Custom Electronic Design & Installation Assoc – Industry site                CEDIA Outfacing site with finders service                 NSCA – National Systems Contractor Assoc                      CTA – Consumer Technology Association
(For more specific info, search for their TechHome division)            ESA – Electronic Security Association                 Continental Automated Building Assoc           Computing Technology Industry Assoc

Job Boards

Most associations have finders service apps on their websites which allow someone to find member companies in their area.  The follow are actual job boards where openings are posted.  Generally the jobs seen are higher level, but keep in mind virtually all companies are also looking for entry-level people.



Commercial Integrator/CEPro/Security Sales & Integration job board –


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